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About The Cupcake Gallery

Based in an idyllic location in Penarth, next to the sea, the Cupcake Gallery is a place where my passion becomes reality.

My passion, quite simply is the perfect cupcake.

It became apparent to me when I moved back to Cardiff from London and realised my addiction, the perfect cupcake, was nowhere to be found. So I decided to turn my passion into a business in which I could provide the ultimate cupcake for other cupcake addicts throughout South Wales.

Having spent months trialing different recipes, I crossed paths with a Michelin Star Chef who works for a Middle Eastern Royal Family. He shared with us, a secret recipe that is fit for Royalty!

With the ultimate recipe, the Cupcake Gallery was heading into business with a bang!

We believe, as perfectionists, that the perfect Cupcake should not only look magical, but taste so fantastic that your taste buds are sent into overload! Our fairy tail menu has lots of Cupcakes to suit every personality, each one having its own cute and playful character which is as individual as you, but they all have one thing in common... they taste great!

Each and every Cupcake is made with precision and care, to the Cupcake Gallery's high standards, guaranteed. We use only the best locally sourced produce and ingredients to make sure that you'll fall in love, as I did!

So here it is! With pleasure, I bring you my business and my passion - The Cupcake Gallery.

I hope that you enjoy the experience.


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